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Steel Craftdependable garage doors

Made in Alberta with Canadian Steel

We highly recommend Steel-Craft Garage Doors, built in Canada for harsh winter weather conditions. Steel-Craft doors are insultated with polyurethane foam, the highest quality insulation between the panels. Although polyurethane foam insulation is not as thick as conventional insultation, they provide a higher R-value of insulation. This also means the doors are not built as thick or as heavy as other doors, even though they have a better R-value.

We feature some of the best doors designed for cold weather - built in Canada. As seen in the illustration (right) our doors have a mechanical overlap (Weather Lock) keeping moisture out, extending the life of your door.

The insulation (ClimaCore) is the highest quality, available, it is a polyurethane foam which provides a higher R-value than conventional insulation which means our doors are not as thick as some competitors, yet they have a higher R-value as well as providing better strength and consistent protection from the winter elements. The lighter doors can also be more appreciated when having to open the door manually.

Steel-Craft doors feature:

Steel-Craft Doorsinstalled by Glenmore Doors

Carriage Craft with optional Cascade glass inserts and decorative hinges and handles

Ranch Craft with Clear Glass and Wynbridge inserts

Carriagecraft painted- Stockton & Somerton glass inserts

Carriagecraft Sandstone with Stockbridge glass Inserts

Carriagecraft with Stockton glass inserts

Therma Craft T12

Colour OptionsSteel-Craft


White (QC4654)

Sandstone (QC6411)

Brown (QC5069)

Linen (QC7892) (only available in T12)

Snap-In Decorative Designs Available in 1/8" Single Pane and 5/8" ThermoPane


Satin Texture

Snap-In Decorative Designs Available in 1/8" Single Pane and 5/8" ThermoPane

Sunburst- 3 Panel Design










see additional options www.steel-craft.ca/Residential/CarriageCraft

Inlaid Muntin Bars Available in 5/8" ThermoPane Muntin Bars in White, Pewter, or Brass